A Path Toward Balance

Yogabell Wellness gives you the knowledge and techniques to establish an inner equilibrium. Through the modalities of Yoga, Alexander Technique and Craniosacral Therapy, you will learn to inhabit your body with solidity and grace. The practice of Yoga strengthens you both physically and mentally. Your body will become evenly strong and flexible. Your mind will become absorbed in your physical practice and it will learn to rest—a mind at rest is present and alert. The Alexander Technique teaches functional balance in the body so that you move with a natural poise and fluidity. Craniosacral Therapy soothes your nervous system and brings into awareness your intrinsic wholeness.

Let Yogabell Wellness show you how the journey to living well lives inside of you. 

Services provided throughout the tri-state area including Montclair, NJ, Greenwich, CT & New York, NY