There are few bodywork modalities that go as deep and heal on as many levels as Craniosacral Therapy. This work encourages your body to build its energy reserves to re-pattern and heal physical and emotional stress that’s been held in the nervous system.


Every cell in your body has the ability to express a rhythmic movement or Craniosacral motion. This motion is fundamental to life. There is a blueprint in your body, or a way your body is intended to be organized, which may not necessarily correspond with how your tissue is actually “shaped”. When held for a period of time, these “shapes” become layered by life experience and can cause pain or “dis-ease” in the body.

At Yogabell Wellness, we use a gentle, non-invasive contact to listen deeply and identify areas of tissue that are blocked or distorted. Through a supportive touch, we help access and restore your body’s rhythmic motion. This motion carries the essential forces for balance.

Let Yogabell Wellness assist your body to restore its balance and renew its original blueprint for health.