krikstix is available now!  You simply have to try this new wellness product!

krikstix is a unique, patent-pending yoga/fitness prop used to achieve a deep, opening stretch in the often restricted area of the neck and shoulders. It can also be used to strengthen your body through a series of yoga postures specifically developed for our product.

Together with my partners at SHARE Solutions LLC, we designed this device to help you:

  • feel lighter and more relaxed in your neck/shoulder region
  • feel stronger and more flexible
  • improve your posture with regular use
  • stretch your spine in a deeper and more dynamic way
  • stretch your hamstrings
  • balance more easily in inverted postures

The vast majority of users experienced significant benefits--with no injuries or adverse effects.

Here is what people are already saying…

“What an incredible product! After only one session, the tension in my shoulders and neck seemed to melt away and I experienced a noticeable improvement in my posture. I was definitely walking and standing taller."

--Andrea Zarchin

Healthcare Company Supervisor

Stacey introduced me to krikstix and it has become a fundamental tool in my yoga practice. As I see it, krikstix gives me a neck massage and so much more…

--Dr. Fran Weiner

krikstix has helped greatly to reduce the neck and shoulder tension that plagued my daily office routine.

My coworkers are happy to see me in good spirits once again!  Try it; you'll LOVE it!!!

--Charles Timberlake

International Trader

Look for more information about the exciting launch of krikstix!