"I have had the fortune of working with Stacey over the past 10 years. At that time I was diagnosed with a musculoskeletal condition that limited my ability to participate in sports that I was used to doing throughout my life. As a physician, I had access to and visited some of the top orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists in the country. In addition, I sought help from various chiropractors and acupuncturists. Unfortunately, I continued to experience significant musculoskeletal pain that worsened with activity. It was then that Stacey introduced me to the practice of yoga. Through individual sessions, my work with her has been a tremendous benefit to me.  Although I thought I knew how to stretch, she taught me the right way to do it.  Stacey has worked with me to develop core strengthening which I now incorporate into my daily routine.  The stretching and core strengthening, as well as breathing techniques, have not only allowed me to get through my rigorous days at work, but also helped me to improve my golf game!  Stacey has not only had the ability to provide restorative yoga practices when my body was suffering, but also give me more challenging practices when I was feeling better.  I believe that Stacey is truly unique in the field of yoga. There is no doubt that Stacey has better knowledge of the human body than most of the other health care professionals that I have visited, including physical therapists.  In addition, she has consistently communicated with me after our yoga sessions to assess my body’s response. If needed, Stacey has never been afraid to make changes to our practice to fit my body’s needs. With Stacey’s guidance, I have seen first-hand the benefits of my yoga practice in both body and mind."

--Dr. Robert Rose


"I have to admit when I first began private yoga instruction with Stacey Bell, I was skeptical that she or yoga had much to offer me. I had developed symptomatic cervical spine disease as a result of years of cycling and triathlons and didn’t think yoga would have any impact. Boy was I wrong! Five years later, as a result of my practice with Stacey, my neck bothers me very little. She helped me to develop real core strength and I now understand how move with functional alignment. 

Stacey introduced me to krikstix and it has become a fundamental tool in my yoga practice. As I see it, krikstix gives me a neck massage and so much more…

In summary, I can say I am where I am today, physically because of Stacey Bell and the yoga she has taught me."

--Dr. Francis Weiner


"Yogabell Wellness has done wonders for my severely aching lower back. My posture has improved and I now have  expectations that I can live a life without pain."

--Charles Timberlake


 Craniosacral Therapy


"I have the highest regard for Stacey Bell and for the tremendous results I've experienced through her Craniosacral practice. Having no preconceived ideas of what craniosacral therapy can do, I'm truly amazed by the healing and transformation that can happen with this holistic form of treatment. Not only has she helped heal long standing neck and back issues that "traditional" forms of medicine have not able to, but the deeply meditative aspect of the practice has encouraged an overall sense of well being, peace and calm like I've never experienced before. It seems to work in transforming so many levels of "being" - physical, emotional and spiritual. Now I'm a huge proponent of the practice and I absolutely love working with Stacey! She's a warm and caring person - wonderful!"

--Kim McOwan

Interior Designer


krikstix tm


"krikstix have helped greatly to reduce the neck and shoulder tension that plagued my daily office routine--my coworkers are happy to see me in good spirits once again!  Try it, you'll LOVE it!!!"

--Charles Timberlake

International Trader


 “What an incredible product! After only just one session, the tension in my shoulders and neck seemed to melt away and I experienced a noticeable improvement in my posture- I was definitely walking and standing taller"

--Andrea Zarchin