Yogabell Wellness guides you to connect with the intelligence in your system for a Yoga practice that is deeply informed with precision, awareness, and clarity. The practice you receive may be vigorous if your body needs to stimulate energy flow; or it might be restorative if your body needs to relax. We may apply yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) which profoundly calm the mind; or meditate to teach you to be the still center in the midst of chaos. We tailor each practice to support your personal health and wholeness.

Yogabell Wellness specializes in recovery from injury. Sometimes injury occurs from an accident, but more often happens from poor use of the body or repetitive strain. Over worked muscles can only stop over working if their underused counterparts pick up the slack. We “prescribe” an effective yoga sequence to build strength where you’re weak and teach over worked muscles to relax and stretch. This is how the body becomes evenly strong and flexible. An approach like this will make re-injury less likely in the future.

Let Yogabell Wellness reveal how yoga heals and transforms your body, mind and spirit.